Mega-comparison of WordPress block editor plugins

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Mega comparison of wordpress block editor plugins

Not sure which WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg) plugin to choose? This will help — see what blocks and other features each plugin offers.

I’ve seen lots of posts that list various block editor plugins — with little information that might actually help you to choose between them. I haven’t seen any posts that actually compare many of these plugins at a useful level of detail — especially as regards to what types of block are included in each plugin.

Block editor plugins — too much choice?

Since the new visual editor came along in WordPress v5 lots of plugins have appeared to offer us new functionality. The trouble is, it can be hard to decide which of these plugins to use. Different plugins offer combinations of blocks and other features that overlap each other.

This is a recipe for procrastination. A convenient way to get an overview and narrow down your options can only help, right? I decided to collate some of this information myself. I hope you find it useful too.

Note: How to use this data

  • Use the data I’ve collated here to speed up your own research — not as a definitive source of information. Developers name and implement similar features in different ways, and are constantly changing their plugins.
  • This data comes from a spreadsheet that I maintain elsewhere. If and when I update the data, it won’t change the date of this post.

Compare the block editor plugins

Note: Interface — just a Google Spreadsheet workbook for now

The embedded sheets below are not the best way to present this type of information. I have a better interface in mind to make comparisons easy and visually appealing, but I’m not a web developer and so far I haven’t gotten it to work the way I’d like.

Tip: Overview and Blocks tabs

Note that you can switch between tabs at the bottom of the sheets below.