Mega-comparison of WordPress block editor plugins

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Mega comparison of wordpress block editor plugins

Not sure which WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg) plugin to choose? This will help — see what blocks and other features each plugin offers.

I’ve seen lots of posts that list various block editor plugins — with little information that might actually help you to choose between them. I haven’t seen any posts that actually compare many of these plugins at a useful level of detail — especially as regards to what types of block are included in each plugin.

Too much choice?

Since the new visual editor came along in WordPress v5 lots of plugins have appeared to offer us new functionality. The trouble is, it can be hard to decide which of these plugins to use. Different plugins offer combinations of blocks and other features that overlap each other.

This is a recipe for procrastination. A convenient way to get an overview and narrow down your options can only help, right? I decided to collate some of this information myself. I hope you find it useful too.

Note: Interface for the comparisons

Responsive tables are the best I can do for now. Use the show/hide, sort and filter tools to focus on the plugins and features that you’re most interested in.

I have a better interface in mind (based on custom post types). However, I’m not a web developer and so far I haven’t quite gotten it to work the way that it would need to.

Note: How to use this data

  • Use the data I’ve collated here to speed up your own research — not as a definitive source of information. Developers name and implement similar features in different ways, and are constantly changing their plugins.
  • This data comes from a spreadsheet that I maintain elsewhere. If and when I update the data, it won’t change the date of this post.

Overview of the block editor plugins

Checked version/date
Link to demo
Link to sandbox
Link to video
Template library
Block previews in inserter
Block management (global on/off)
Site-wide defaults for some blocks
ACF Blocks (Free) Link2.5.0LinkLinkNoNoNoNoRequires the Advanced Custom Fields Pro plugin to function: Link
ACF Blocks (Pro) Link2.5.0LinkLinkNoNoNoNoRequires the Advanced Custom Fields Pro plugin to function: Link
Advanced Gutenberg Link2.4.7LinkLinkLinkNoYesYesYesUser access profiles.
Advanced Gutenberg Blocks Link1.9.8LinkNoNoYesYes
Atomic Blocks Link2.8.6LinkLinkLinkLayoutsNoNoNo
Blocks Kit Link1.0.5LinkNoNoNoNo
Blockspare Link1.2.3LinkLinkLinkPaid version onlyYesNoNo
Blockypage Link
Bokez Link2.2.2LinkNoNoNoNo
Caxton Link1.27.0LinkNoNoNoNo
CoBlocks Link2.5.0LinkNoYesNoNo
Cosmic Blocks Link0.48LinkVideoNoNoYesNoHas an events and campaigns focus. Suggests that you install Cosmic Campaigns for more features.
Editor Blocks Link1.2.1LinkNoNoNoNo
Elegant Blocks Link1.7NoNoYesNoUsage of many blocks is unclear and there doesn't appear to be any documentation.
GenerateBlocks Link1.1.2LinkLinkLinkNoNoNoNo
Genesis Blocks Link
Getwid — Gutenberg Blocks Link1.6.7LinkLinkYesNoNoNo
Ghost Kit Link2.14.2LinkLinkYesYesNo*Some typography and colour palette defaults*Provides on/off management of blocks from other plugins.
GutenBee Link2.6.2LinkLinkLinkNoNoYesNo
GutenGeek Link
Gutentor Link2.2.0LinkLinkYesPartialYes
HayyaBuild Link2.3.3 / 2021-01-16LinkLinkNoYes, mostlyNoNo
Kadence Blocks LinkLinkLinkLink
KingBlocks Link
Kioken Blocks Link1.3.8LinkLinkKioken ElementsNoNoNo
LSX Blocks Link
Orbit Fox LinkLink
Otter LinkLinkLinkYesNoNoYes
Premium Blocks Link
qodeblock Link
Qubely Link1.6.3LinkLinkLinkLinkYesYesNoYes
Qubely (Pro) Link2021-01-15LinkLinkLinkLinkYesYesNoYes
Responsive Block Editor Addons LinkLink
Snow Monkey Blocks LinkLinkLink
Stackable Link2.11.4LinkLinkLinkYesNoYes
Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg (UAG) LinkLinkNoNoYes
Ultimate Blocks Link2.4.0LinkLinkNoNoYesNo
WP Block Pack Link
WP Munich Blocks LinkLink
Zeguten Link

What blocks? Mega-comparison table

Checked version/date
About; team; employees
Author bio
Advanced heading
Advanced text/paragraph
Call to action (CTA)
Carousel (any content)
Click to Tweet
Container; cover
Content box
Divider; separator; spacer
Double-sided box (flip)
Events; dates
Expand; show/hide; toggle
Food menu
GIF (animated images) [Giphy?]
Github Gist
Grids; rows; columns
How-to Schema
Icon box
Image gallery
Info box
Logos; brands; badges
Notice; inline notice; alert
Opening hours; business hours
[WordPress] plugin card
Portfolio; showcase
Pricing table/box
Social media
Table of contents (ToC)
Website card preview; visual link
ACF Blocks (Free) Link2.5.0TeamAccordionMulti ButtonsImage SliderClick to TweetCounter NumberDivider; Shape DividerToggleImage Slider; Photo Collage; Random ImageBusiness HoursPosts [grid; list]Price ListPricing BoxProgress BarStar RatingImage SliderFacebook Like Button; Facebook Page; Social SharingTabsTestimonialContent Timeline*ACF Meta Display; Scrollable Image
ACF Blocks (Pro) Link2.5.0TeamAccordionAnimated Headline; Highlighted HeadlineDual Button; Multi ButtonsCall to ActionImage SliderClick to TweetCounter NumberDivider; Shape DividerFlip BoxToggleImage Accordion; Before After Image; Image HotspotImage Slider; Photo Collage; Random ImageBusiness HoursPosts [grid; list]; Post Slider; Post Tiled; Post Timeline; Post TickerPrice ListPricing BoxProgress BarStar RatingImage SliderFacebook Like Button; Facebook Page; Social SharingTabsTestimonialContent Timeline*ACF Meta Display; Devices [mockup]; Lottie; Scrollable Image; Tilt Card
Advanced Gutenberg Link2.4.7Advanced AccordionAdvanced ButtonCount UpInfo BoxContact Form; NewsletterColumns ManagerAdvanced IconInfo BoxAdvanced ImageImages SliderInfo BoxAdvanced ListMapRecent PostsSearch BarImages SliderSocial LinksAdvanced TableSummaryAdvanecd TabsTestimonialAdvanced VideoWoo ProductsLogin/Register Form
Advanced Gutenberg Blocks Link1.9.8IntroAdd to Cart ButtonWebsite Card Preview; PostClick to TweetGiphyGoogle MapNoticePluginTable of ContentsTestimonialWebsite Card Preview; PostProduct; Add to Cart ButtonCode; Advertisement; Text + Ad; Unsplash [stock image finder]
Atomic Blocks Link2.8.6Profile BoxAccordionButtonCall to ActionContainerSpacerEmail NewsletterAdvanced ColumnsNoticePost and Page GridPricing TableSharingTestimonialDrop Cap
Blocks Kit Link1.0.5Our TeamAuthor BoxAdvance HeadingPull QuotesButtonCall to ActionSection DividerInfo BoxPricing TablePricing TableTestimonialSticky Notes
Blockspare Link1.2.3User ProfileAccordionButtonCall to ActionContainerContent BoxCounterEmpty Section; Shape DividerIcon [Font Awesome]; Icon ListImage Carousel; Image Masonry; Image SliderIcon ListLogo GridNotice BarPosts Carousel; Posts Grid; Posts ListPrice ListPrice TableProgress BarStar RatingServicesSocial Links; Social SharingTabsTestimonialSection Header
Blockypage Link
Bokez Link2.2.2ProfileFAQ / AccordionBlockquoteButtonCover OneCover OneDivider; Separator with TextFAQ / AccordionSection / Row LayoutNotificationPosts GridPricing TableProgress BarSection / Row LayoutShareTestimonialVideo Popup
Caxton Link1.27.0Super TextSuper TextButtonCover with ButtonCover with Buton; Super HeroShape DividerCaxton Layouts; Horizontal Blocks (deprecated); Flex Blocks (beta)IconPosts GridCaxton LayoutsSliderSocial Share Icons
CoBlocks Link2.5.0AuthorAccordionHighlightHeroMedia CardCarousel [images]Click to TweetHeroDynamic HR; Shape DividerEventsFeaturesFood & DrinkFormGifGistRowIconCollage; Masonry; Offset; Stacked; CarouselLogosMapAlertPost Carousel; Posts [stacked; horizontal]Food & DrinkPricing TableServicesShare; Social Profiles
Cosmic Blocks Link0.48Employee; Employee ListAccordionForeword; Title & IntroFactsButtonsContainer; Container Fancy Animated; Launch; Title & Intro; WantedCount Up; CountdownSeparatorDate List; Dates Tiles; Events List; Events Tiles; Events Upcoming List; Events Upcoming TilesAdvantages; LinkList Icons; LinkList Images; LinkList Images SlideImage; LinkList ImagesLinkList Images SlideSplit ListBrandsInline NoticeShowcasePosts List; Posts TilesPrice ListPrice BoxProgressSocial ShareTestimonialContacts List; Contacts Tiles; Contacts Target Bar; Donation [Stripe only]; Links List; Classifieds List; Classifieds Tiles ; Deals; Greeting; Like/Dislike; Statement; Steps; Voting Slogans
Editor Blocks Link1.2.1TeamAuthor ProfileIntroCalloutHero; Hotizontal Feature; Vertical Feature; WrapperFeaturesBrandsPricing TableTestimonial
Elegant Blocks Link1.7TeamAccordionHeadingCall to ActionEB ContainerCount UpShape DividerImage GridMapClientsBlog [columns]; Text [grid]Pricing TableProgress BarServicesSliderInstagram; Social IconsTabsTestimonial
GenerateBlocks Link1.1.2HeadlineButtonsContainerGrid
Genesis Blocks Link
Getwid — Gutenberg Blocks Link1.6.7PersonAccordionAdvanced HeadingButton GroupBannerCounter; CountdownAdvanced SpacerToggleContact Form; MailchimpIconIcon BoxImage Box; Image HotspotImage Slider; Image Stack GalleryGoogle MapsPost Carousel; Custom Post Type [custom; grid; list]; Post Slider; Recent Posts [grid; list]Price ListPrice BoxProgress Bar; Circular Progress BarSectionMedia & Text SliderInstagram; Social LinksAdvanced TableTable of ContentsTabsTestimonialContent TimelineVideo PopupAnchor
Ghost Kit Link2.14.2AccordionButtonsCarouselNumber Box; CountdownDivider; Shape DividerFormGIFGitHub GistGridIcon BoxGoogle MapsAlertPricing TableProgressInstagram; TwitterTable of ContentsTabsTestimonialVideoChangelog; Markdown; Widgetized Area
GutenBee Link2.9.0 / 2021-01-16AccordionHeadingParagraphButton GroupContainerCountdown; CountUpDivider; SpacerFood MenuPost TypesIcon; Icon ListIcon BoxImage; Image Box; Image ComparisonJustified GalleryIcon ListGoogle MapsPost TypesProgress BarReviewSlideshowTabsTestimonialVideo; Video EmbedBanner; Review
GutenGeek Link
Gutentor Link2.2.0YesAuthor ProfileAccordionYesYesCall to ActionYesYesYesCounter; Count Down[Yes]; [Integrated]Show More/LessFeaturedYesAdvanced Columns; Dynamic ColumnsYesImage BlockGallery; Image SliderListGoogle MapYes (no icon)YesYesPricingYesProgress BarYesImage SliderSocialTabsTestimonial[Pop-up]Blog; Simple Text; Timeline
HayyaBuild Link2.3.3 / 2021-01-16AccordionAdvanced HeadingAdvanced ParagraphButton; Buttons GroupInfo CardContent BoxCountdownSeparatorDouble Sided BoxFeatures ListRow & ColumnsGallery BoxFeatures ListMapAlertPricing TablesProgress BarSearch BoxSocial MenuSocial MenuTestimonialBreadcrumb Menu; Magic Box [conditional content]; Menu; Modal Box; Page Content; Simple Menu; Sticky Box; Go Down Button; Go Down Button
Kadence Blocks Link
KingBlocks Link
Kioken Blocks Link1.3.8AccordionSplit HeadingsFancy ButtonsTestimonials CarouselContainer RowNumbers CounterDivider PlusFeaturesContainer RowIcon; Visual ListImage BoxVisual ListGoogle MapsKinetic PostsPrice LineTabsTestimonials CarouselVideoboxOpen Table Form
LSX Blocks Link
Orbit Fox Link
Otter LinkAbout AuthorAdvanced HeadingButton; Button GroupIcon [Font Awesome]; Icon List; Icon Lit ItemIcon ListGoogle MapsPlugin CardPostsPricingProgress BarSectionServiceSliderSharing IconsTestimonialsLottie Animation
Premium Blocks Link
qodeblock Link
Qubely Link1.6.3TeamAccordionHeading; Animated HeadlineAdvanced TextButton; Button GroupBlock WrapperCounterDividerContact FormPost Grid; RowIcon; Icon ListImage; Image ComparisonInfo BoxAdvanced List; Icon ListGoogle MapPost GridPricingProgress Bar; Pie ProgressSocial IconsTable of ContentsTabsTestimonialTimelineVideo Popup
Qubely (Pro) Link2021-01-15Team; Team CarouselAccordionHeading; Animated HeadlineAdvanced TextButton; Button GroupMedia CardImage Carousel; Post Carousel; Team Carousel; Testimonial CarouselBlock WrapperCounter; CountdownDividerContact Form; Form BuilderPost Grid; RowIcon; Icon ListImage; Image ComparisonAdvanced Gallery; Image CarouselInfo BoxAdvanced List; Icon ListGoogle MapPost Grid; Post Carousel; Post GridPricing; Price ListProgress Bar; Pie ProgressSocial IconsTable of ContentsTabs; Vertical TabTestimonialTimelineVideo Popup
Responsive Block Editor Addons Link
Snow Monkey Blocks Link
Stackable Link2.11.4Team MemberAccordionAdvanced HeadingAdvanced TextBlockquoteButtonCall to ActionCardContainerCount UpSeparatorExpandFeature; Feature GridAdvanced Columns; Feature GridIcon; Icon ListImage BoxIcon ListNotificationBlog PostsPricing BoxTestimonialVideo PopupHeader; Number Box
Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg (UAG) LinkTeamAdvanced HeadingBlockquoteMarketing Button; Multi ButtonsCall to Action; Marketing ButtonYes (in blockquote)FAQ SchemaYesContact 7 Form Styler; Gravity Form StylerAdvanced ColumnsHow-to SchemaIcon ListInfo BoxIcon ListGoogle MapInline NoticePost Layouts; Post TimelinePrice ListWP SearchSectionsSocial ShareTable of ContentsTestimonialsContent Timeline; Post TimelineReview Schema; Taxonomy
Ultimate Blocks Link2.4.0Button (improved)Call to ActionClick to TweetCountdownDividerExpand; Content ToggleHow To [with Schema]Styled ListImage SliderStyled ListStyled BoxPost GridProgress BarStar RatingImage SliderSocial ShareTable of ContentsTabbed ContentTestimonialContent Filter; Styled Box
WP Block Pack Link
WP Munich Blocks Link
Zeguten Link